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MKA Rhapsody

MKA Rhapsody- For Your Olsen Inspiration
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Welcome to mka_rhapsody! Well, I guess a little introduction of what we are might be in order.

As our name implies, we are fans of the talented and beautiful Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. As with other communities before us, we love their sense of style, their overall sense of self, and beauty. However, we are much more...

We are a group of girls affected and dealing with some sort of eating disorder. We do not expect our members to have been formally diagnosed, nor do we push our beliefs on others. We are merely a group of people who have been drawn together because of our shared pain, happiness, interests, etc...

The point of this community, and how we differ from many others, is that we are truly friends. We like to take the time and actually know our members. We are a source of insperation and support for our members. We become like sisters.

We post entries that deal with our goals and accomplishments in losing weight, pictures of beautifully thin people that inspire us in our daily sturggle to be thin. Though these do not necessarily have to be of MKA, because we are all such big fans, they do tend to lean more towards pictures of the girls.

Again, if this isn't for you, then by all means find a community that is right for you. Don't judge us, don't spam our pages with hate notes. We are intelligent people who, despite what others say, have made educated decisions about our lifestyle. We know what we're doing. Leave us alone.

1. Be respectful of your fellow members. Remember, we are here for support, and drama helps no one.
2. dO nOt TyPe LiKe DiS<333 You will get banned.
3. We would love it if you were at least 16 years of age, though we will make exceptions depending on your maturity level.
4. Make all posts FRIENDS ONLY. Because of the nature of this community, we are prone to bashing from most people, and we really don't want any of our members being harrassed now do we?

5. Stay Active.

REMEMBER! We do keep a close eye on all posts, and those who do not abide by the rules will be banned, and posts deleted.

We are you MODS:

Those banned: